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MySQL - rulez, говорят в AP и в NASA :) (Dinky) 16/10/2003 - 23:58:29

From: Dinky - 16/10/2003 - 23:58:29
Subject:MySQL - rulez, говорят в AP и в NASA :)
[AP - Assotiated Press]

Terry Ewing, senior systems manager at AP, says his company's MySQL application hosts 600 Web sites for affiliated newspapers across the U.S. Every day, hundreds of national and world news stories are filed and stored on a Sun Solaris 420 server, and newspapers host their own local stories elsewhere. The news pieces are updated regularly and linked in packages, such as one for Iraq, where a recent suicide bombing story was updated 17 times in one day.

In addition to the constant churn of data stored, the database includes all the multimedia files attached to each story. Readers of 600 online newspapers search through the database, find stories and their attendant multimedia files and swiftly pull them down to their PCs, Ewing says. "The performance is very good," he adds.

End users aren't the only ones who benefit from faster speed: Administrators have also noticed a difference.

For example, Ewing says it used to take two days to run a replication of AP's DB2 database. With MySQL, the process lasted a mere two hours.

NASA's Clark compared MySQL's performance against Oracle's for his application, and it averaged 28% faster during the battery of tests he hammered it with. He adds that unlike competing products, "MySQL was not a machine resources hog."

The leanness and speed of MySQL comes from its straightforward design. In MySQL, every database exists as a separate directory and contains three files: one for the structure or schema of the database, another for data and one for the index. That's it.

The database is also easy to administer. For example, users say data migration is a snap because administrators simply move their data directories into MySQL.

Clark says switching NASA's application from Oracle was a breeze. "To switch to MySQL, we only had to install the MySQL database driver module and change the connect call to the database interface module," he explains. "Once this was done, we literally had to change approximately one line of code out of 15,000 lines to begin using MySQL in our first application."

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